Monday, 20 January 2014

Thoughts on neuro

Wow. Sort of can't believe how much I have crammed into this tiny brain since starting neurology. Basically, it is like trying to understand how a computer is wired... With the exception that a computer is not alive, while a human most definitely is.

So far, the workload has been unmanagable in this block, despite putting the time in until bedtime. Every night. Largely this is because we don't have just one course to prepare for.

So much to do.
So thankful for sleep.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

My personal goals for the new year

I recently created a playful comic featuring Jasmine's new year's resolutions. Now, I don't necessarily believe in resolutions, but I do believe in goal setting. I have found this blog to be so helpful, because if I write it down here I will stick to it! Such a potent motivator. Below I will list a few things I hope to stay consistent with this upcoming semester, feel free to write yours below as I would love to hear them!

1 | Maintain a calendar system for keeping on top of my study schedule (I use iCal to create this schedule).

2 | Stick with my exercise calendar (I use this one from the website blogilates, and mix in the squat challenge - it kills, but works!)

3 | Start to put CaRMS as my personal extracurricular focus, and lessen the amount of time/effort spent helping premedical applicants. For those that do not know, CaRMS stands for the Canadian Resident Matching Services and basically they provide a service that coordinates matching of Canadian medical students into their desired residency programs. Shifting gears to put my personal focus first and make myself a strong contender for my desired residency program (more on that in the future).

4 | Draw more. It makes me happy. 

Happy New Year ;)

Thank you for stopping by!