Saturday, 8 February 2014

Healthy strawberry/mango pre-gross-anatomy lab drink!

For those of you who follow me on twitter, you might have seen me tweet about my scrumptious breakfast smoothies. Here is a recipe of my absolute favourite smoothie that I drink before running off to gross anatomy lab. I always try to head off to the lab with a full tummy to keep me from becoming too queasy. Full of protein and healthy carbs, this drink keeps my feet on the floor! Too easy!


Handful, frozen mango
Handful,  frozen strawberries
2 heaping tbsp 0% fat Greek yoghurt 
2 tbsp quick oats
1 cup soya milk 
Water (just enough to cover ingredients)


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  1. I am so surprised you have time to blog while on neuro. I am telling I almost broke out in hives as I read the post below about neuro, it definitely brings up some not so happy memories.
    Eniola Pentice in Medical Purgatory

  2. Hi Eniola :)
    I just posted on my twitter thst I will have to be MIA status this upcoming semester. Neuro is insanely difficult and I am going to have to put a hailt on my blogging for now. Thank you for the affirmation that this stuff is challenging!

    Cerena, holding box of tissues while reading her Medicine Pretest text.


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