Saturday, 1 September 2012

Get-My-#^&*-Together Weekends

Greetings, readers!

From reading my comments, it sounds like there is a variety of readers that frequent my little blog. Some are premedical students, others are students who have no interest in attending medical school, some of you are in the workfield and others are simply outstanding citizens (aka cat lovers). Whatever your background might be, I'm very happy that you've found this blog and hope that either through my comics, or my med related stuff there's a place where you have found something of value.

Today I'd like to talk about what I do on the weekends to prepare for the week. Many of you are active, independent individuals (myself included) and it can be hard to ensure that we have everything we need in order to really tackle our priorities and responsibilities. We need to eat, we need to keep clean, and when these things aren't in order PANIC is likely to follow.

What I like to do is take a few hours on either Saturday or Sunday to prepare for the week ahead. This is dedicated time where I do things like: laundry, grocery shopping, and a general tidy of the household. I learned this from a friend of mine, and I experimented with this tactic claiming weekends as my "Get-My-#&*(-Together" time. A few hours make a huge difference. Multi-task to stay on track (e.g. plan the dry cycle while you're out getting groceries, etc.). And treat yourself afterwards.

It's so simple, but so useful. And though it's a pain to clean, and to go shopping for necessities they're called necessities because they're just that -- necessary  You're going to feel like a star if you begin to do this because come Thursday afternoon, when you want to take a shower, no sweat -- you've cleaned all your towels on Saturday!

And best tip of all: music will keep you happy and going the whole time.

So I hope you all try it out. I've done this for months now.
Trust me. Your Friday-self will thank you dearly.

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  1. Oh yeah, everything is better with music! I always listen to music when I clean up, do the laundry etc. It's a little more fun like that!

  2. This sounds pretty useful! Thanks for the tips! <3


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