Friday, 24 August 2012

MedBlog: Packing Day

Just one more day until I move to start medical school. I sort of can't believe it! My stomach is in knots because there's a mixture of emotions I am feeling.

Excited to finally start the MD program!
Uncertain if I really have what it takes.
Sad to leave my boyfriend for several months.
Optimistic about meeting new people.

I am not worried that I'll forget something -- my boyfriend is still living at our apartment. So if need be, he can send me items. I am just hoping that I did the summer justice. And that all of the time I've spent putting things in order will have been well spent. Hopefully I'll have a chance to update you all next week. Orientation starts Aug 27th, and first day of classes starts Aug 31st.

*Deep breath*

Now where did I put my raincoat?

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  1. Don't worry, I'm sure you're more than good enough for medical studies! You love the field and already have a pretty awesome scientific background.


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