Thursday, 30 August 2012

MedBlog: Orientation Day 4

Today was the last day of orientation and my feet are so sore from running around! So much to do, but I'm around 80% done my orientation checklist. What is an orientation checklist you might ask? There is a list of tasks we need to have done, such as obtain our bus pass, schedule immunizations, and so on. The trickiest ones, for me, have been ones where I need to complete a task that is at some obscure location in a massive building. Without my smartphone, and with like zero knowledge of how to get around this city, this would be very difficult!

The highlight of the last day, personally, was a presentation on how to collect a patients history. The physician tutor and actor were great. And I kept relating his experiences to my own as a clinical research assistant. I took health historys and I feel like I'm constantly improving how I interact with our participants. And it also seems as if our physician tutor continually improves his technique as well. That is one intriguing aspect of medicine: continual improvement, continual learning.

In summary, orientation was quite busy, but I'm grateful for it. I feel like it's given me some time to get everything in check before I start with school. Yes, it scared me a couple of times, to know I'm in a field where quite a lot is expected of me. But at least I know where I stand, and I am just going to try my best to do well for a cause, much bigger than me -- my future patients.

The testable "stuff" starts tomorrow.
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