Wednesday, 29 August 2012

MedBlog: Orientation Day 3

Today we learned about how to take care of ourselves mentally, physically, and financially and the benefits of doing so. And as a reality check, we also learned about the negative consequences of not taking care of ourselves from very candid and enlightening personal stories.

We are all so early in our training and excited to start that I think it's hard for us to conceptualize a time where we will seriously become overwhelmed.

That being said, it was nice to know that there are resources out there to help us when we feel down, or beaten. Or when we get that dreaded low grade (low enough, and this carries serious consequences). In summary, it is up to us to utilize self-improvement resources to our advantage.

Sorry about the serious nature of this post, guys! Medical school isn't just wine and cheese parties, and amazing race events -- sometimes we talk about serious stuff too :)

One more day of orientation, guys!
Then classes start: and with that comes my very first gross anatomy lab.
I got my white lab coat today, so that means I'm totally ready.

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  1. Oh, I feel envious! At my uni, not only you don't get this kind of talk (except for "whoever didn't score among the top 10% in the entrance exam is a worm and shouldn't even have applied"), but there are absolutely no such helpful resources... I was pretty shocked there wasn't even a faculty psychologist, cuz we at least had one in high school...

  2. I only have one orientation day, tomorrow from 8-3pm. And on Sunday 2 hours of Anatomy and other classes.
    I feel like I'm starting to chicken out already, but I so want to study Medicine!
    My class is around 50, I don't think it'll be easy finding good friends but whatever.
    Your blog gave me an insight on what I'm about to face!! Lol

    Good luck,


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