Friday, 31 August 2012

MedBlog: First Day of Classes

Today started a bit hectic, mostly because we had an anatomy lab to prepare for. We started off with a PBL session and I'm really thankful I have a good group.

What is PBL?
Well it's a bit like House MD :) because we cannot see actual patients, we are first provided with a case and from there we try to resolve the patients problems. In doing so there is a lot of brainstorming amongst the team, and I think a big advantage of these sessions is to reinforce what we are learning before attending our lecture, which follows our PBL session.

And now what I'm sure you're dying to know -- gross anatomy lab. What was that experience like?

When I first stood in front of the body bag, my heart was racing. I was not sure what I would find underneath and how I would react. Thankfully, right before the lab we were given an incredible speech, and in that speech was a letter from a donor. It was that letter that made me realize exactly why the donors consented to donate -- for our medical education. And so we could learn from them and become skilled physicians for our future patients. What an amazing gift.

Knowing that our donors really wanted us to learn from them gave me a sense of responsibility. Not just to dissect, but to do my best. And to learn from their body thoroughly, efficiently, and with dignity.

So, yes. I was nervous. I was scared. But once I saw the body, I did my best to learn.

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  1. wow!
    that letter must be great. i don't know if i ever could be selfless enough to donate my body.

  2. i can still remember my 1 st day at gross anatomy dissection . really it was stressful situation


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