Thursday, 5 July 2012

Time saving tip: Use a notebook to record your non-academic activities


So, you plan on applying to medical school one day. And you have many extra-curricular activities in mind that you want to participate in: badminton club, drama club, sailing club, research, hospital volunteering, etc. The list can go on forever!

With so many activities to participate in, keeping records is very important. After all, when asked to write down and describe the activities you have taken part in over the last X amount of years, it can be difficult to recall off the top of your head a detailed account of what you have done, and most importantly, how long you have done it for. 

I suggest creating a non-academic activity notebook and keeping it up-to-date. I have made an example below of what to include, though adjust the format as needed:

This is something that helped quite a lot when it came down to writing my medical school application. This need not only apply to medical school applicants, but other many other fields as well.

One addition I would like to make is to record the amount of hours you have been involved in the activity for. I suggest keeping a calendar to record the number of hours you contributed towards the activity.

You should also ask the organization or club that you are participating in if they keep accurate records of the amount of time you contribute. Make sure to keep your own records, though, so that you both have accurate accounts of your contributions.

Hope this helps, and saves you a bit of time/energy/anxiety in the long run!

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  1. This is a great tip, fortunately I was forced to write a CV in high school, so I just keep adding things, but otherwise I'd have to try to recall everything in a few years. XD


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