Saturday, 28 July 2012

So, you're accepted! Now what happens before you start?

Happy Saturday!

Today is July 28th, which means I start medical school in less than a month. This just hit me a day or two ago with excitement, and fear that I might be forgetting something along the way. There are so many things to have in order before starting medical school -- don't you worry, I'm still giving myself a break to enjoy the summer. But it can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially when you work during the day and don't live where you're attending semester 1. I've been managing all right, I hope! Down below I've broken down things to do before you start, and if any med students are reading this I would love to hear your tips in the comment bar below.

Things you should do:

• take some vacation time
• travel
• enjoy as much of your summer as possible
• meet up with friends
• buy a smartphone, if you don't already have one -- possibly even a tablet
• if you'll be in a long distance relationship, or feel like you might get homesick, research into travel options to visit loved ones

Things you have to do:

• book HCP-CPR course - make sure it's accredited through your school and look for deals
• book immunization reviews early
• plan out your finances (you cannot start med school without a way to fund semester 1) - look into your savings/loans/professional student lines of credit
• register with relevant organizations (e.g. College of Physicians and Surgeons)
• solidify living arrangements
• complete research projects/jobs/volunteer commitments/etc.
• spend as much time with your SO as possible (note: this is a must)

And along the way, you may feel overwhelmed. And scared that documents won't be received, or you'll be declined for incredibly stupid reasons. You might start to think that you won't find a place to live and will have to lock yourself in your life sciences building during the night. But, one step at a time - take breaks, we're running a marathon now, guys, not a sprint. And if something does not turn out the way we would like it to, well, we just try our best because it is all we can do.

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  1. Hi Cerena! Yeah... I should probably do some of the things you have on the list, although I am not studying medicine! But a girl needs some rest every now and then :P

    I definitively think you should travel. It is very important, it helps you grow (: I love to travel ^^

    1. Hey Sara! What are the other things you should do? Purchasing a smartphone, maybe?

      And yes, I cannot wait to travel. Next summer, unfortunately! Too many commitments this summer. But next year this time, I better have travelled or my past self will kick my future self :)

  2. Hi Cerena!

    So, here's what I did when I'm in your situation. I brush up my biochem, renal physiology and do a bit of anatomy study. I regret doing that because when you're in med school, u got nothing else to do but study and you know, breathe. Almost no time for fun and that sucks. I think you should enjoy your life a little bit before starting med school, you know, as a last Hurrah..

    oh, and travel..definitely travel.

    1. Hey Syahmi :)
      Yeah, I would have to agree! I'm committed to a research project. Will have a week or two at the end to relax but at least it's a job I really love! Plans next summer to travel more -- would love to make my way to Rhones for a wine-tasting expedition ;)

  3. Eeeks, this sounds pretty tough... Before I started my uni, I just bought and crafted some cute school supplies and my dad got me a new laptop. It's great, it's 13" VAIO and it's big enough for comfortable writing and looking at stuff (I can e.g. have both a word document and the prof's presentation opened and still see them clearly) and it's really light for carrying around, Not to mention it lasts for over 6 hours on battery if you don't surf the net too often. Even people who came from abroad took it quite easy...

    1. Hey Vita!
      It's definitely a fair bit, but it's all doable. Most of the things on my "have to do" list are checked off. Thanks for the VAIO suggestion! I've opted for a tablet PC -- I have been using it for my drawings as well. I think it's a 12.5" screen? Light laptops are AWESOME. My firat one was so heavy and big!
      By the way, what courses are you taking, Vita?

  4. Go visit the city you're going to live in and get a local to take you around in order to get familiar with stuff. It's bad enough to be in a new city but it's worse when you have no idea which parts of town are good/bad and end up living in a sketchy area like I almost did! :/

    Start looking for clubs/rec teams in the new city to join. Off-time from studying is super important! I've been fortunate enough to be invited to play soccer with some people in a rec league! :D


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