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One Year - Jasmine

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who have been keeping up with my blog, you'll note that I dedicate it in large part to my cat Jasmine, who unfortunately passed away last year. In fact, it was one year ago today that she passed away.

She developed what we initially thought was a tooth infection -- this later became a fatal bone infection that we just couldn't fight in the end. She was ill for approximately 3 months. It still amazes me how quickly and vicious an infection can be.

My first year of university was a difficult transition for me. I moved approximately 4 times, all do to break-ins, and I felt very alone and unsafe. I met my boyfriend that year, and we didn't move in together until much later. So to keep me company, he suggested that I buy a cat. There was only one problem -- I lived in an apartment at the time that restricted pets.

He could see, though, how living by myself was affecting me in a negative way. So for Christmas, he gave me 70 dollars to buy a cat. I remember thinking he was bonkers, but I went with him to see the SPCA rescue cats. I saw a very cute kitten there that was only a few months old. She was very active! And bouncing around her cage. My boyfriend really liked this kitten, so I thought to myself, okay maybe we'll grow to like each other one day. I sat down, filled out the paper, was about to sign... and then. I hear this meowing in the background. So I said, "Hey guys, I'm just going to see who is meowing."

So I got up, put the pen down, and went to the cages. There was a beautiful adult cat who kept meowing at me, in such a cute way. And I couldn't believe I didn't notice it initially. She started rub her cage, and purr, and then let her tail out for me to pet it. I looked at the name tag. It said "Isabel, 3.5 years old." I just stared at her. She had hazel eyes, a pink nose, long fur, and looked like a princess. My boyfriend came up to the cage, but still, she only seemed to be looking at me.

"She's pretty cute. But are you going to come back to sign the papers for the kitten?" he asked me.

And I replied, "No. I want this cat. Isabel." And I took Isabel (who later became "Jasmine) home with me. Immediately after I brought her home, she did the funniest thing. She started to follow me, everywhere. If I went to the bedroom, she followed right beside me. The kitchen, she was right there too. The couch? She would jump to the very top and be my head rest. We were inseperable, and there was no way I could give her up.

Remember, how I mentioned the apartment restricted pets? I knew I could have possibly gotten evicted for keeping Jasmine. I called my parents, who freaked out, and said, "You cannot keep that cat! You're going to be kicked out!" and they told me I needed to tell the landlord, if he says "no cats allowed" I would have to give her to my boyfriend.

So I called the landlord, who initially said, "No, absolutely not, this is our policy." But somehow, after nearly half an hour of talking to him about what this cat meant to me, he finally agreed that I could have her, but if anyone finds out she'd have to go.

That was one of the happiest days I can remember. From then on, she was by my side every step of the way, throughout my undergrad. I would come home late at night, and would pour a little food for her, and she would start eating the food, and then follow me to bed and wait until I was nearly asleep before she finished it. She would greet me every day at the door, slept beside me at night, and was the perfect little companion while I was by myself. She used to love sniffing as well. And would watch the birds outside for hours.

I only had a five years with Jasmine, but they were very special to me. I can hardly believe it was one year ago that she passed away. I light a candle for her every day, and have a little cement block with her paw prints imprinted into it. I might not be able to see her, but she's changed me quite a lot. I never had a best friend growing up and she was the best friend I could have asked for. I miss her, but I'm happy to share the comics I have drawn of her with you all. It's been very rewarding to share her personality with you all.

Those we love don't go away, 
they walk beside us every day. 
Unseen, unheard, but always near; 
still loved, still missed and very dear. 
- Anonymous

Comics dedicated to Jasmine:

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  1. It's so sad that you lost her, but hat a wonderful tribute. As a fellow cat lover (and one who also lost a beloved cat at a young age), I can totally relate. Sweet drawing, too :)

  2. cerena, thank you for sharing that post... losing a pet, especially one that you had such a connection with is a terrible thing to go through.
    jasmine was lucky to have you as her friend and she is watching over you now.

    thanks for posting, thanks for reading and enjoy the summer.

  3. Aww, hon, this is an absolutely touching read. Chin up, Cerena. I'm sure Jasmine never really left your side. *hugs*

    -Barb the French Bean

  4. Thank you all for the warm comments <3

  5. I started crying as I read this :( It's a wondeful story and very touching and I really feel sorry for her, my previous cat passed away after getting the same infection... I wonder if there's some kind of prevention...

  6. Just reading this and crying. Nico passed away this summer, almost the same age. Thank you so much for writing this blog and making your adorable comics.

  7. I just wanted to say that I felt really moved about what you've written about Jasmine, she feels so real to me just reading what you've said about her. You conveyed how special she was, and in a way still is, to you, and that the connection you had changed you- thanks for sharing your and Jasmine's story <3 :)

    1. Thank you very much for this :) I think about Jasmine still every day.


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