Friday, 6 April 2012

The pickiest vegetarian: five "edible" things that taste gross!

Confession time: I've been called a picky eater all of my life. There are a lot of "edible" foods out there that I am not particularly found of, and I've listed them below for you. Sure, you may say I'm a spoiled brat. That I should be happy to eat whatever is on my plate. Personally, I think everyone has preferences when it comes to food. In my case, there's just a few more dislikes than usual.

1. Tofu and Other Processed Meat Substitutes

Ah -- but she's a vegetarian! Well, yes, but this stuff actually makes me cringe! The texture... the look... and the taste! I would much rather eat beans and chickpeas than a slice of tofurkey.


2. Bitter vegetables 

People rave about the unique taste provided by onions and peppers. Some might actually say they're sweet, and not bitter. I think I have different tastebuds than normal people because these vegetables are utterly disgusting in my opinion. I don't cook with them, I'd rather add flavour with garlic. And I'm so thankful that the Indian restaurant nearby does not add onions to their chana masala - hallelujah! 
Assortment of bitter things...

3. Egg

In moderation, eggs are tolerable, and a very good source of protein. A particularly exceptional use for eggs is in baking. But eating them by themselves? I'd rather not because I've always hated the texture! 

4. "Fancy" Cheese

Every once in a while, I'll visit a friend who can't wait for me to try a slice of fancy cheese they've just purchased. Last night, for instance, I tried blue cheese. My face shrivelled into a wrinkly mess, as if I were to have licked the floor of a rotten attic. Needless to say I couldn't finish my portion.

Portuguese Cheese

5. Melons and other odd fruit (exception watermelon)

This is a full on taste thing. Indescribable, really, just the taste is so off!



So there you go! A list of foods I cannot stand to eat. Please comment below -- let me know if I'm just crazy, my tastebuds are defective, or if you agree with some of my choices.

And look at the time -- it's 12:40 PM! Time to cook myself a nice lunch :)


  1. It's funny for me, because you've just made an assortment of foods which I used to hate but now I'm growing to tolerate them. I hate tofu too and I wouldn't be able to eat a tofurkey ever in my life, but I'm planning to give tofu another try soon just to see if I'm able to prepare and season it somehow to make it edible. I'm fine with onions, but paprica is off-limits in my menu, I just hate the bitterness. Similar with the cheese - I'm okay with blue cheese, but I can't even smell goat cheese, it's so gross. I used to hate melons too, now I still don't eat it often but I tolerate the taste, if it's ripe and not on its own. Great post, but I guess some people might think we're odd ;)

    Of course I'll be interested in the button swap with you:) just give me a link to the picture and I'll do it in a minute:)

    1. Kasia,
      If you find a way to make tofu that a) does not make you feel ill and 2) is tasty, then please let me know! I was sick all night long due to a tofu dish that just rattled my stomach. Goat cheese is definitely another one of the cheeses I should have mentioned! Augh, too gross!

      I'll run over to your blog and post your button as well :) Thanks!

  2. I'm with you on the tofu (unless it's deep-fried...). But I love the other 4 things on your list. The one vegetable I really don't like is eggplant. Well, it's not so much that I dislike it, I just think it tastes like nothing and I don't see the point to eating it.

    1. Interesting! I actually very much dislike eggplant, most of the time. Though sometimes I will use it in lasagna, in place of the lasagna noodles. I'll sautee the eggplant first and I feel that it gives a nice texture to the dish. Otherwise, I'm definitely not a fan of eggplant as well!

  3. A lot of problems with foods that are "difficult" to eat are generally in the method of preparation and the fact that they are "acquired tastes".

    Tofu is generally brutally massacred by people who cook it, because heck, what DO you do with a soft mushy block of white stuff?!

    Blue cheese, I really used to hate but since I've started working in a kitchen I've started to put it on burgers every now and then. It's not half bad, but seriously: ACQUIRED TASTE.

    1. Hi mm!
      Tofu, tofu, tofu....
      If I wasn't up all night with an upset stomach from my tofu dish I might have been more forgiving. I agree with you, a lot of people find it difficult to cook with tofu and make a mess of it! But after last night's visit to the Vietnamese restaurant I've had it up to here with it (imagine my arm moving upwards).

      You put blue cheese on burgers? I'll suggest that to my bf. he loves blue cheese and burgers! Im sure he will love it. Though, speaking of acquired tastes: I never thought I would like white wine. Now, I just love it. Still, the thought of me ever acquiring a taste for blue cheese... Eck.


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