Friday, 6 April 2012

Jasmine the cat 8: Happy Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday!
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  1. Aww, that cat is so cute! I love it!!
    How long does it take you to draw these? And do you have a tablet that you use, or do you scan them into the computer?

    1. Aw thank you! I'm so glad you like it!
      Some of my older comics were done using my tablet PC. But I find that the quality looks so much nicer when I draw the old fashion way. I scan the comics onto my computer, do some touch ups, and voila! It's done!

      Drawing usually takes me no time at all! And the adorable cat you see in the comics is inspired by my cat who passed away last summer, Jasmine. I draw her because she was a very special and unique cat, used to do the cutest things, and if I can capture her properly I'm sure her spirit can make others smile.

  2. Is there a "love" button? :p

    1. Aw! I took the reactions buttons out today but maybe I should bring them back!
      You're so sweet <3

  3. This Pic is sooooooo cute, love it <3

    Do you know "Simon's Cat"? It's really funny :)

    1. Thanks! And yes, I often read Simon's cat -- it's so funny!


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