Friday, 13 April 2012

Jasmine the Cat 11: A tad spoiled, are we?

This is based on true events. One day I made the mistake of giving Jasmine bottled water. 
And from that day, she became a bit of a water snob! 
She drank better water than me! Preferred brand: DASANI ®.  
Hope you all are having a great week!
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  1. This is so true:D Although my cat also likes to drink tap water straight from the tap :)

    1. I actually have done some reading into that, which may explain the preference of tap water vs stagnant water! Apparently, if given the option, cats like to drink running water because it is reminiscent of fresh running stream water.

  2. It sounds like Jasmine was a very well cared for kitty! Your stories and comics make me eager to get the two cats I plan on having sooner or later. Thank you for your comment on my post and for stopping by my blog! It's always nice hearing from visitors :)

    1. Thank you :) i enjoy your blog! And please let me know when you get the kitties :) I'll want to her/read all about them!

  3. Cats know what they want... and it's alaways the best!


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