Monday, 26 March 2012

Jasmine the cat 6

And poof!
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Jasmine the cat 5

Dr. Jasmine
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Jasmine the cat is on tumblr as well!

Jasmine the cat 4

Le tennis.

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Jasmine the cat is on tumblr as well!

Jasmine the cat 3

About to pounce.

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Jasmine the cat 2

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Jasmine the cat 1

Butterfly nose...

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Jasmine the cat is on tumblr as well!

Study Tipz 7


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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Almost nine months...

... since I said goodbye to Jasmine. And nearly one year since she first became sick.

I miss you <3

Saturday, 10 March 2012

What will I do this summer if I am accepted into UBC medical school?

Spectacular view of aurora borealis in northern BC

It is no secret that I’m a small town girl, born in raised in a remote community in northern BC, and that I am proud of where I come from. Medicine is more than simply a subject I’ve developed an interest in: medicine is a tool that can be used in order to benefit my community.

I will admit that living in the north can be difficult: we don’t have as many resources available to us as our urban counterparts, and we can feel isolated at times. In spite of this, rural living can inspire one to become a leader in his or her community. Above all, these skills can allow individuals to make a lasting and much needed impact.

With that said, if I am accepted to UBC medical school, this summer I would like to return to my hometown and inform secondary school students about post-secondary education. I would also like to discuss my experience attending a northern university, and how the medical school application system works for those who have a passion for medicine. It is important to me to make clear that where you grow up does not alone determine success in academia: rather, understanding how the process works and the opportunities available are vital in understanding and achieving one's goals.

In retrospect, I acknowledge that I was not realistic in my academic goals. I had no one to talk to in my hometown about what university was like, let alone what the road to medical school would be. Our information was out of date and university was much more of a dream to me than a reality. 

Now, my hometown is very industry-minded, and not academically focused, so the support was lacking. The closest university from my hometown is 7 hours away, and even though the internet is a wonderful medium to find relevant information, I found it difficult to even know where to begin searching for resources. Consequently, I had a very rocky start that could have been very much smoother had I been better informed and prepared.

Yes, I'd also like to take some time to travel, and if I am accepted I’d like to celebrate and enjoy the coming summer with my family. But, more importantly, youth in northern communities need to become realistically educated about what post-secondary academia is like, and I want to help them start their own journeys. 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

36 things to do while waiting to hear from medical schools (productive, or not)

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enjoying his time.
  1. Exercise
  2. Eat your favorite ice cream
  3. Read a good blog
  4. Create your own blog
  5. Learn something new
  6. Relearn something old
  7. Laugh
  8. Scream!
  9. Buy new clothes
  10. Give away unwanted belongings
  11. Meet up with old friends
  12. Make new friends
  13. Perfectly match your outfit one day
  14. Wear mismatching socks the next day
  15. Listen to a brand new band
  16. Re-listen to your favorite oldies
  17. Watch a scary movie with your friends
  18. Watch a scary movie by yourself
  19. Send a card to someone who you've lost touch with
  20. Re-read old birthday cards
  21. Start up a new sport
  22. Start up a new hobby
  23. Plan a road-trip
  24. Plan a train-trip
  25. Go for a walk
  26. Go for a jog
  27. Study
  28. Procrastinate
  29. Try out a new restaurant
  30. Re-visit a gross fast found joint
  31. Visit your local museum
  32. Visit your local art gallery
  33. Do research if you enjoy it
  34. Do research even if you don't know you'll enjoy it
  35. Don't think about med school
  36. Think about med school every day