Tuesday, 31 January 2012

UBC Medical Journal: Love at first click

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

I am happy to say that today I was directed to the UBC Medical Journal, the most relevant journal out there on the current happenings at UBC medical school. In their own words:

"The University of British Columbia Medical Journal (UBCMJ) is a student-run academic journal with a goal to engage students in dialogue in medicine. Our scope ranges from original research and review articles in medicine to medical trends, clinical reports, elective reports and commentaries in the principles and practice of medicine. We strive to maintain a high level of integrity and accuracy in our work, to encourage collaborative production and cross-disciplinary communication, and to stimulate critical and independent thinking.
We have a goal of establishing ourselves as one of the leading student-run publications in Canada and internationally, and expect high quality from our submissions. We accept articles in all areas of medicine, including but not limited to research, reviews, case reports, medical history, ethics, medical anthropology, epidemiology, public health, and international health."
So, make sure you check out this medical journal. Especially if you are on the hunt for relevant information about UBC medical school and their research focus.

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