Tuesday, 3 January 2012

January book of the month: "The Night Shift" by Dr Brian Goldman

January's featured book of the month is "The Night Shift" by Dr. Brian Goldman. He is rather famous for his CBC radio show White Coat, Black Art where he attempts to provide an inside glimpse into the world of medicine, demystifying it for his viewers. He is also an ER physician at Mount Sinai hospital in downtown Toronto and is known for his refreshing candor when speaking of his own experiences as a physician. "The Night Shift" is a compelling read as it takes you through the mind of a physician as he encounters late night patients during his night shift at the ER. You begin to feel the compassion he has for his patients, as well as the uncertainty he must deal with when trying to decide how to best help them when solving medical and even ethical dilemmas.

I am only into this novel's third chapter. It has been downloaded on my iPhone and I keep finding myself returning back to it as I go on throughout my day. I hope you all enjoy it as I have thus far a great deal.


  1. Thanks for the early review C! I think I'm going to get my hands on that book :)

  2. You know who scares me?
    Dr. Ruth -- she used to be a snipper.

  3. I'm a lurker on PM101 but stumbled upon your blog and I picked up this book to read at the library as per your recommendation! So far I'm loving it. Very very interesting. Just thought I'd drop you a note saying thanks for the recommendation :)

  4. Hey, C!
    He also has podcasts: http://www.cbc.ca/whitecoat/

    I'm so glad you are enjoying the book! Happy reading :)


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