Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What's goin' on :)

Right now, everyone is trying to remain calm as we wait for the biopsy to be conducted. It has been postponed and will take place on sept 12th so, hopefully all goes well. Good news is that the doctors believe the tumor is benign! I'll report the results when they come in and any other events that occur. I'm so glad I visited them this weekend. They are doing a great job handling the news. And, while we wait I plan to have a few light hearted and fun posts for you all. Thank you for riding along this roller coaster with me. It's been a rocky summer. Cautiously optimistic, Ce <3


  1. I am thinking good thoughts for you as I read about this story. I'm glad to see things are looking (cautiosly) positive!

  2. Thanks, Kyla. Honestly, feels like a nightmare at times. But all of your positivity, it just helps so much.

    We do the best at the time with what we are given: this was told to me by Jasmine's vet, a very wise and caring young man, and I believe that to be true.

    Again, thanks for the wishes. They're very much appreciated <3


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