Monday, 19 September 2011

The seven things I hate about being a premed

Disclaimer: Blog readers, I think you can tell from my website that I'm a pretty happy and upbeat person. But, today is not the day for me to be shooting rainbows out my rear like a nyan cat. Today I am doing the unthinkable. I am entering rant-mode a la Miley Cyrus with the seven things I hate about being a premed. Hopefully, this post will be a tad more bearable than Cyrus' singing.

  1. Seeing my own health decline as I study health.
    You know this is true. If I were to input simple variables such as waist circumference, BMI, sanity, and health courses taken as a premed and if I were to plot them as a function of time, I would get a plot resembling the above graph.
  2.  Coffee is no longer a foe but a friend. 
    Well, not really a friend. More like the type of person you really don't want to spend time with because they nag you, or are clingy and needy. And you really wish they would go away, but they go to the same places you go to and hang out with your friends. So, you figure, why not?
  3. I'm not the smart kid any more. 
    In high school, I had the third highest average of all the kids in my grade. In university, every person in my class was the cream of the crop at their high school. Result of this? It's like Darwinian influenced premed insanity.
  4. Premed lingo.
    So, you're talking about how stressed out you are about VR and PS, and your friends are looking at you like you're swearing at them in robot language. And it's all because of premed lingo! And, due to a fair amount of stress, I must add. It is definitely a possible day ruin-er. For those of you who don't know the ins and outs of premed lingo, click here.
  5. Lack of a summer due to studying for the MCAT.
    So, April comes around and you are psyched for summer! You put in all of the hard work and effort to do well, and do well you did. And what is your reward? MCAT! The test that can make or break a premed (in more ways than one). To read about the experience I had writing the MCAT, click here. It will probably scare you, though.
  6. "So, are you in medical school? No? Not yet?"
    Yes, I am alluding to questions from outsiders. Specifically, those that either:
    a) know little about the application process
    b) are your 'competition'
    With (a), these are typically well meaning people and the question is simply a bit irksome. With (b), the question can be thrown at you in an evil, maniacal way. And it is definitely something that can bother a premed to hear, though the trick is to brush it off your shoulder if possible.
  7. Oh, the uncertainty!
    Will I get in? Won't I get in? WHO KNOWS?!

    So, there is my rant of the day! And I am planning on entitling my next post as, "The seven things I like about being a premed." Look out for rainbows and nyan sounds :)


  1. #3 is so true, my dear.

    #1 in my high school.
    #50 in my university.
    #109 in my med class.

    We have 110 in med. I refuse to believe no one out there is dumber than me, hence arbitrary 109.

    1. Bottom of my high school
      50 in my university
      Top of med class
      Get over yourself high school means nothing

  2. I agree with all of them except #7. You'll get in. I know it (and you did ask 'who knows?').

  3. #6- "You're a doctor now, right?"


  4. not sure if there is a plateau in the graph regarding BMI or waist circumference! haha

    also, switch to decaf or half-caf addiction is deadly...

    finally, you laugh at premed lingo but med lingo is worse. I can't have normal conversations with non-med people because I drop words and acronyms without a thought. A month ago it was all a foreign language.

    All that said, you'll make it. And you don't have to be the smartest, just a hard worker and persistent! go girl go!

  5. Aw, merci for the comment!
    The BMI & waist circumference thing was a gross exageration ;) (my BMI went from 20 to 22 these past five years though!)

    Thanks for the tips, anonymous ;) And the wishes! I love your comment so keep commenting!

  6. may I add: "Do I have what it takes with three kids, two dogs, and a husband to make it through the balance of these f&$C^ng pre-reqs and write the MCAT?"

    Excuse me...I'm off to cry.

  7. Very funny! Great post... xx


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