Saturday, 27 August 2011

"MCATs" - a rant

Hey everyone!

First, a quick update. I cannot believe summer is nearly over! Mother nature, you have cheated me with your lousy weather and barbarous recall of my beloved pets. I understand you must be rather pissed off about the whole global warming thing, but could you stop picking on me for the time being? Please and thank you (p.s. your northern lights are sexy.)

In happier news, life is starting to get back on track over here in Cerena's world. I've started to become quite busy with medical school applications and data analyses for my research. And, I love it! Being busy is essential for me. I thrive when being faced with responsibility and heavy workloads. I just love it. Naturally, I am seeking a second job to fill up my evenings and weekends. I'll keep you updated on this.

And now that the update is done, it is time to start my rant.
Why do premeds write phrases such as "I am writing the MCATs"?

I do not understand this at all. MCAT stands for "medical college admissions test." When you write the MCAT, you are just writing one of these monsters. MCAT is singular: one test with 4 components. Unless you are referring to multiple exams, or the "MCats" which is a band in Acton, MA specializing in 60s pop music, it does not make sense to use the plural form.

Does it bother you when others use the term "MCATs" incorrectly? Am I just overly picky? Please share your comments.


  1. Haha, you are not alone, this is totally a pet peeve of mine too!

  2. lol. I agree with your rant, C. It always irks me when someone adds that 's' to the MCAT.

  3. I'm guilty!!! I totally say MCATs just to bother my boyfriend, who like you, can't stand when people do that :)

  4. Ahh larva, you're just too mean :P

  5. Hahaha. So true! My friends decided the test was called 'mactacs' which is close, but no cigar. I have not been able to teach them not to say 'mactacs'. Grrrr!

  6. Ah yes, MCATs bothers me (or is it MCATs bother me?). However, it's a whole new ballgame when it's the MCATz.

    As in, "I'm going to kill the MCATz.: Or, :I killed the MCATz." Or, more likely, "the MCATz killed me."

    MCATz- made to make your entire month/summer/year wasted studying sound just a little bit cooler/give you the illusion of a little street cred :p


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