Monday, 29 August 2011

Got my... on :)

outfit looks great.

nails are polished.

eyelashes are curled.

smile is on, cheek to cheek.

Nothing is ruining my day.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The "PAUSE" button is on

You have decided to apply to medical school. Either, this is your first time applying or you are a repeat applicant (nice to meet you - we are in the same club). You decide to look at the application timelines, provided for you on the admissions websites of the school(s) you are applying to. Let's look at "School A" just for fun. You submitted your application in August, just in time to meet the application deadline. Everything has been taken care of - MCAT scores, transcripts, verifiers... it's all been covered, in a thin, warm blanket of caution. Only one thing worries you now. You have to wait until November to see if you will be interviewed.

The uncertainties plague you:
"What if I do not get an interview?"

"What if this was all a waste?"

"Am I smart enough to get in?"

"What's going to happen to the stethoscope my sister gave me?"

"Am I tall enough to get in?"

Okay, so the last two are Cerena specific. But still! All the uncertainties. They are frightening. The best way to combat this while living life on "pause" is to keep busy. Honestly, simply, and truly. I have been rejected in the past. Life goes on, I assure you. It is very important to have a backup plan. I'm not telling you to lose faith in yourself. I'm quite sure that you all can become great doctors in the future. But, until then it is so important not to lose yourself along the way.

Medical school isn't everything. They are so many ways to share your gifts and talents (many of which you haven't even unveiled yet). You can pursue a master's degree, take on a job that you love, or join local clubs for your cause. Just don't become so obsessed with medical school admissions that it interferes with your life. It's not worth the stress.

With any other major life decision, I've found that the bigger the decision the more stress that comes with it. This is only natural. The trick is to balance things out, even though the "pause" button is turned on. Stay happy, stay healthy, and until you get the news from medical schools, be the best person you can possibly be.


Saturday, 27 August 2011

"MCATs" - a rant

Hey everyone!

First, a quick update. I cannot believe summer is nearly over! Mother nature, you have cheated me with your lousy weather and barbarous recall of my beloved pets. I understand you must be rather pissed off about the whole global warming thing, but could you stop picking on me for the time being? Please and thank you (p.s. your northern lights are sexy.)

In happier news, life is starting to get back on track over here in Cerena's world. I've started to become quite busy with medical school applications and data analyses for my research. And, I love it! Being busy is essential for me. I thrive when being faced with responsibility and heavy workloads. I just love it. Naturally, I am seeking a second job to fill up my evenings and weekends. I'll keep you updated on this.

And now that the update is done, it is time to start my rant.
Why do premeds write phrases such as "I am writing the MCATs"?

I do not understand this at all. MCAT stands for "medical college admissions test." When you write the MCAT, you are just writing one of these monsters. MCAT is singular: one test with 4 components. Unless you are referring to multiple exams, or the "MCats" which is a band in Acton, MA specializing in 60s pop music, it does not make sense to use the plural form.

Does it bother you when others use the term "MCATs" incorrectly? Am I just overly picky? Please share your comments.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Quick update - Bye, bye Persia

Hey everyone.

Unfortunately, things with Persia did not work out. She is not doing well, so she is going back to the breeder who will take care of her until she is better. From there, she will be nursed back to health and hopefully find a loving family who will address her special needs. I won't go into details since I'm still a bit sensitive, and I've disabled comments for this post as it is all still fresh.

Once I find out how Persia is doing, I will let everyone know! I will be cheering for her full recovery. And though her home does not rest with me, she is a very sweet girl and I feel lucky and happy that the breeder is taking full responsibility. I can tell she truly cares about her babies and have zero hesitation
working with her again in the future.

Let's all send the little one good vibes! She is flying home on Friday.

As for me, I will be taking a little break before introducing a new kitten in my life. And when I feel ready to try things out with a new furbaby, I'll let you all know.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Downfall of graduation: my friends have moved away.

I had a serious heart to heart with my boyfriend yesterday, and I realized that many of my friends have either moved away or have graduated. Leaving me to be friendless. Let's repeat: friendLESS. How did this happen? I don't have any Gleeks around me. No one to watch musicals with. I'm alone.

And I've come to you all for help. Because I really need advice on how to meet and become friends with new people.

I know, I know. I'm the blogger. The one that is technically supposed to be the bucket o' good advice. But I have begun to realize there's no one around me who likes show tunes that I can hang out with any more. No more Marry Poppins singing fest. And, honestly, I see little point in going onwards without a bloody sing-a-long.

Is it possible to make friends at my old age? 
(I ask this to the void, age 22, while clinging onto a wooden cane)

How does one do this? The wikiHow page states:
Join an organization with people who have common interests.
My interests include baking, cooking, watching musicals, art, and petting cats. 

Join a sports team.
My hand-eye coordination is either non-existant or inexplicably hates me. I only play one sport, tennis, and it's rained for 47 days straight where I live.

Talk to people. 
I'm actually very sociable. Once I start talking, it's very easy for me to channel something of common interest between myself and that person. Though, for some reason, it does not often lead to being friends. Rather, acquaintances. 

Initiate a get-to-gether. 
Now, I think this is where I fail. Miserably. For some reason, I always seem to fall short at this important step.

Readers, if anyone wants to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. How do you initiate a get-to-gether with someone you've just met? How do you know if that potentially new "friend" really does like you? Do you initiate the next get-to-gether? Do you text them saying, "That was fun. Let's do it again!"

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Graduation has left me with few friends. And it's bizarre to be this way considering how sociable I am. If I can have just one friend who is a Gleek - just one, I'd be happy for a very long time. Though, this might just have to remain my boyfriend's role (yes, my awesome bf, who I watch foreign films with all the time. Warning - never watch film called "Zebraman" because the title sounds funny).

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