Saturday, 18 June 2011

Poll results are in!

This really was a close one:

Out of 32 voters, 40% prefer cookie cake. Something I've never even heard of, but it sounds okay.
I apologize if I sound biased. I was rooting for cookies.


  1. what year are you, did u take a 1.0 credit in Ochem

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  3. I have taken much more than 1 credit of ochem and have been a TA for ochem for a couple of years.
    Why do you ask?

  4. cause i have o chem next year for the first time and I am kind of dreading it from what I hear.

    Can you do a post on lab reports cause I really hate doing lab reports?
    -so picky about everything
    -keep on docking marks (ur observations were wrong, u should of saw this, ur name should be in the top right corner not bottom right)

    I also read ur post on day in the life of a premed and it is very different from mine. can u do a post on how to be more motivated

    my day
    -go solve daily crossword or other puzzles
    -watch tv while eating
    -clean up
    -read a book
    -look up university info
    -walk or do a sport (tennis with a friend, hockey game, hockey practice)

    I really want to be more involved with the community but i dunno where to start, i tired my hospital they said i can't volunteer for them cause my form was incomplete and said i will have to apply next year. I thought about habitat for humanity but that was a 1hr drive

  5. Hello :)
    I can do a post about lab reports a little bit closer to the start of the Fall semester. It's a bit early for that, I think. I wouldn't stress about ochem right now. Enjoy the summer!

    Also, if you want to get more involved in the community keep up to date with volunteer organizations in your town. Or, simply google "Volunteering in ___(insert city)____" and you should get some results. I'm wondering, though, why do you want to get involved in the community? You can do this in many ways. If you volunteer for something you enjoy (e.g. I love kids and I'm a "Big Sister") then the time goes by fast, you become very dedicated to the cause, and volunteering is something you tend to look forward to.

    Good luck! I will see about writing a blog post about this. Thank you for the idea :)

  6. are your cerena from premed 101?

  7. Yes I am! How did you come across the website if you don't mind me asking? I'm assuming you did not use the link in my signature.

  8. you commented on someone elses blog, medrunner or something like that.


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