Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My cat Jasmine: update.

Jasmine's condition has not been improving. Also, she has not been very active lately. She will usually run up to me when I call her. For now, she is staying put. Bone infections are so horrible, I had no idea they could be this bad. I have to feed Jasmine myself and even give her water with a syringe. Luckily, my mother is here visiting and is helping me with all of this.

I truly wish she would get better. She's had to deal with so much lately. Although, our vet has told us there may be little we can do for at this point except give her the antibiotics.

I will talk to him, though, to see if we can try injecting the antibiotic to the site of infection to give better penetration.

C and J


  1. Oh Cerena I'm so sorry to hear that :( I remember my sister's kitty had something similar last year, couldn't eat, couldn't really move around.. She got better, hoping really hard J does too!! Stay strong even though it must be so terribly hard.

  2. I am sorry Cerena. Jasmine is such a nice name.

  3. Hopefully, she'll recover quicker than you think! I know it's easier to say than to do, but try to stay positive! In fact, I am sending you positive vibes tru the cyberspace :)


  4. Thanks, everyone for the kind words <3

    We're definitely trying to fight this thing. She had a great day, though. Hopefully things will turn around. I'm going to see the vet tomorrow and will post the outcome!


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