Monday, 6 June 2011

Jasmine update!

Hey everyone,

For those of you who don't know, my beloved cat Jasmine who I draw in my artwork/comics has been sick lately. Here are the related posts about her illness:

Jasmine, her surgery

We saw the vet today. The vet was not happy with the state of her infection, so on Thursday she is going to have an oral swab performed, have the bacteria cultured, and from there be assigned a newer, more specific antibiotic.

Also, she's going to do a second T4 test to see if the lowered tapazole dosage puts her at a healthy T4 range.

I'll let you all know how Friday goes!


  1. ohh sorry to hear your little cat is sick :(
    I can say that after reading missing missy , i have a whole new respect for cats ;)

    No ,But jokes aside, I hope she will get better soon! I have a dog and I would also be worried if he was sick, so i feel you!
    fingers crossed for friday!


  2. Merci, Boa! C'est vraiment cher pour les medicaments (environ $1500) mais, Jasmine est mon meilleur ami. Si je n'ai pas Jasmine, la vie n'est pas la meme.

    Thanks for the wishes, you're such a great cyber bud :)


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