Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Get a job! (Sha-na-na-na)

I'm just going to say it. It is LATE where I am. And I can not get to sleep (I blame the insomnia - curse you). So, naturally, blogging seems like a great idea while I'm in my cranky and tired state!

I get asked all the time by premeds I talk to, "What should I do for the summer?"
My reply is "Get a job!"

This is very doable. Do a google search for job openings in your area, or even better, for job openings at the school you are attending and you should get some results. Write a cover letter (unless the specifically request that you not do this). Employers like to write what they are looking for in an applicant in the job description. In your cover letter, make sure you show the employers how you satisify all the things they are looking for. For instance, if they want someone who is a "self starter" then you need to let them know that you can start working all by yourSELF.

I apologize for the overgeneralization, but some premeds I have talked to aren't fond of getting a job (I'm not sure why this is - possibly a desire to put more effort in volunteer activities?) but a job can be a great way show you are responsible, dedicated and committed adult. The extra cash is also pretty nice! And if you are looking for things to do this summer, getting a job is a great idea.

Sorry for the shouting in the post. I want to get the message across and I am fond of the CAPS LOCK key and "!" symbol at this hour. Ctrl+b just doesn't have the same effect right now.

What did you all do over the weekend?

"The girl with the dragon tattoo" is my NEMESIS this summer!


  1. So, are you still reading the book then?

    I've never had a paying job before besides some money from my lab during my masters and an NSERC grant during my 2 years of phd. But then again I wasn't sitting around doing nothing except last summer waiting for surgery ;-) Sometimes I feel it's something I lack but that's just the way things fell for me. Choices I made.

  2. Getting an NSERC is very basically the same thing since you are getting paid to do lab work. This was simply directed to those who ask me what they should be doing this summer and, as of now, they have little activities they are doing. I just think a job is a great thing to do in that circumstance.

  3. Oh absolutely! And interviewing for jobs means med school interview isn't your very first ever ;-)


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