Friday, 20 May 2011


There is one food group missing from my diet: meat. People often ask me why I decided to become a vegetarian, if I'm an animal activist, and if my life has turned to jibbles because of a lack of protein.

I've tried to be an animal activist, really I have. But I'm not a PETA fan, and I do not like the fear tactics they use. I have had several unsuccessful vegetarian phases when I was younger because I have always loved animals and didn't want to eat them. Those attempts were unsuccessful because I did not have the willpower to go through with becoming vegetarian in my Portuguese household. Going meatless was like announcing to my family I was a transvestite.

It was not until I moved away from home that my distaste for meat skyrocketed. I did not care for it, it started to taste like a patch of leather with sauce on top, and I would feel ill at the thought of eating something dead. Meat became tasteless to me, and truly sickened me.

I have found it very simple to be a vegetarian, and I have no desire to convert others into vegetarians. If you enjoy the taste of meat, I would imagine how difficult it would be to cut it out. Vegetarians do have substitutes that I find silly at times, such as "vegetarian" chicken breasts. Thank you for the creativity, Morningstar Farms, but I became veggie because I don't want to eat anything that looks or tastes like meat. No offensical.

One day I hope to go vegan, but cheese and milk are my friends. Making crème brûlée with egg substitute and soya milk just doesn't sit well with me. I'm far too much of a baking snob to ever replace my dairy buddies.

But as we grow our tastes do change. I just can't help but shiver at the thought of soya milk invading my fridge.

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