Saturday, 14 May 2011

Just a smalltowngirl

I remember one day in high school very well. It was lunchtime and I was walking down my favourite hallway at my old high school. The hallway was called Echo Hall. It was such a cool place. If you were walking down that hallway with relatively few people you could hear your voice echo down the hall. But what I liked the most were the murals which grazed its walls. Very bohemian, trendy murals almost like graffiti. I remember one black and white painting of Kurt Cobain that I would always stare at because it was so well done. Every time I walked past it I would sort of hum "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in my head.

I have derailed :) Back to my first sentence: I was walking down echo hall one day with one of my good friends. She was holding a cup of coffee and looked so trendy, very metro. And I said to her, "Wow, A. You're such a city girl." Her and I both laughed. I think we both sort of realized at that moment that our town was too small for her. However, I came to the realization that big cities are not for me. Even now, we both remember this. I'm not too sure why it's such a profound memory for me, but when thinking of the future and where I want to end up one day I always come back to it. I certainly don't want to limit myself by giving up opportunities that lie in places that I am scared of. But, I also want to stay true to myself and give back to my community which has helped me out so much along the way. Whenever I go back home, I love to visit my old high school and catch up with my old teachers. I always make sure to walk down Echo Hall humming "Smells Like Teen Spirit" when I visit, even though I'm 22.

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