Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Jasmine had her surgery yesterday...

And it went smoothly. Her tooth was removed and she seems to be doing well. She's a very tired cat right now. Unfortunately there might be some other complications she faces. She may have a tumour in her jaw. It's quite hard to handle all of this shock at once. She was so healthy, and after taking her to the vet I found out she has hyperthyroidism, needs dental surgery, has been fluctuating in weight, may have an infection or a tumour... all of this within a month. There is some good news. She is responding well to treatment! Her T4 (thyroxin) levels are well within the normal range (the tapazole has worked tremendously well, her levels were unchartable beforehand) and she is eating a lot better (she's gained 1.5 lbs!), probably due to the pain relief medication, metacam, also known as meloxicam, a COX-2 inhibitor for all of you pharma lovers. All three of her medications (tapazole, metacam, and antibiotic) are administered orally. I found that the easiest way is to administer the meds via syringe, which the vet has said should be a great thing to do as she receives the medication directly, none of it is lost in her food.

Does anyone have any creative ideas for giving pets medication? I've heard of little kibble pockets you can put meds inside of. If you have any tips, I would greatly appreciate a comment.

Thanks everyone, time to give Jasmine her meds <3

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