Monday, 16 May 2011

I don't understand colloquialisms...

Have any of you heard the phrase "whet your appetite" before? Apparently it is a common term that means an experience that makes you want more of something. I heard it for the first time today from my boyfriend and I thought he was saying something silly just to make me laugh. I have looked on the internet and it really is a phrase people use! I am stunned. I swear, I feel like I learn a new phrase every day that perplexes me and I have to look it up. A few months ago, one of my research participants said she was "bowing out" of the study. Now, I had never heard the term "bowing out" before and the audio was a bit strange on the phone so I really had no idea how to react to what I had just heard. I was truly confused. I try not to use colloquialisms in every day speech. I feel that they defy logic, are overused and often make no sense at all. I feel like I'll end up like my friend Mr. Literal one day.

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