Monday, 23 May 2011

Fat Elvis

There is a cat who is in love with me and his name is Fat Elvis. Actually, I've recently found out that this cat is a female and not a "he." And her real name is not Fat Elvis. But that is what I've called this cat since the day we met.

Fat Elvis lives on my boyfriend's street. Often when I visit my bf's house, this cat sees my car and waits for me at the front door and waits for me to say "hello." Elvis likes to roll around on the driveway and sniff dandelions.

One day, when studying retrosynthetic analysis at my boyfriend's house, I had to put down my notes on nitro compounds because of a strange gurgling sound. Something to the effect of, "Grrr rawr rawr gurble gurble." Outside, face to face, was Fat Elvis and my bf's cat Toby. I tried to break up the potential catastrophe by telling Toby he looked and sounded like a grumpy old man. He usually gets embarrassed and stops the noise soon after.

Enjoy photos of Elvis and Toby the cat.

Toby the cat
Fat Elvis


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