Thursday, 26 May 2011

Convocation tomorrow!

So it just sort of hit me that tomorrow will be the day I graduate. Four and a half years of biochemistry are finally coming to an end. It was such a hard degree. I wanted to give up so many times I am not able to count it. But, I stuck with it and at the end of the day I'm proud of myself. Could not have done this without my boyfriend who was there every step of the way. We took all of our classes together. My earlier posts about genies and dreams were dedicated to him (and of course my Jasmine, who spent countless hours on my lap while studying). He was always the person I could rely on to help make me through the day :)

Dedicated posts, so you all know what I am talking about:
Dare to Dream

I will post more exciting details about convocation tomorrow. And hopefully it won't be too mushy, but knowing me there's a good chance it will be filled with mushiness. I warned you. Hmm... not sure if I will want to post my actual photos but I have a feeling I'll try and find some creative way of sharing them.

Congrads to all of us grads! And good luck to everyone who will be graduating in the future! It's definitely worth the struggle.

All the best,

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