Sunday, 22 May 2011

Beware of dork.

I'm what you would a way-too-excited-about-everything personality, especially when it comes to dorky things. On my first day of kindergarten I remember dancing around the house with my brand new backpack, lunch bag, and sneakers. My parents drove me to school and I told my mom, "I'm ready for you to leave now. I can't wait to learn and make friends!" Look up "adorkable" in urban dictionary. If you don't see my photo in the definition, it's because they have already deleted it due to intense dorkiness.

I like to learn and I like to be different. If someone tells me there is a bug outside eating another bug, I'll get my camera out and take photos of it. And, I'll probably try and put it in a jar to keep for "scientific purposes." I'll guess the species name and look it up on my computer.

I like learning about anatomy. If someone talks about a body part, I say the latin name of it. Then, when I realize that no one else knows what I'm talking about, I change the topic to something much more appealing. Such as Britney Spears, or whatever kids today like to talk about.

I get excited about wearing baggy clothes. Why? I feel like a gangster when I do and have the urge to make ridiculous dance movements because I feel so badass.

When I buy something new, like my new HP touchsmart tm2 tablet, we become inseparable. I watch YouTube videos about all of the special features, I play around with it to see how well it functions, and I bring it every where I go and show it off like it's the best invention known to mankind. Because, it probably is.

When I explain things, I am very technical with hand gestures and everything. For instance, when explaining how a moka pot works to my sister, I used terms like "extraction ratio" and "emulsion." Doesn't everyone?

If I'm about to do something that day and I'm looking forward to it, I do a happy dance about it. For instance, a few days ago I went to my boyfriend's house to help paint his deck. And all morning, before  painting it, I was singing about painting the deck and how I couldn't wait to use the paint brushes and make the deck look pretty.

I have a big imagination and I think that life is too boring when we talk about the same things day in and day out. As if we're programmed to lose enthusiasm over time and become static. I remember telling myself when I was around six years old that I never want to grow up. And, I think I'm doing a pretty good job of this.

If this post was too dorky for you, just take a look at the title. It's called "Beware of dork." Don't act like I did not warn you.

Note: I did not draw these comics. If you like them, please check out exocomics:
The girl in the comic strips is basically my virtual twin.


  1. Love it!! I'm a total dork too ;) I'll be going about my day and see or hear something new/strange/weird/puzzling and I'll make notes so that I can research it later when I get home! When my shoulders started to go really bad, I had my diagnosis (not hypochondriac though! lol) before the MRI, and in the end I was 100% right! I visited my surgeon and I'd already learned everything I could beforehand, makes for good laughs. I think it's awesome to be dorky, inquisitive minds about whatever is around. I steer clear of bugs though lol.

  2. Nice to hear, Michelle :)
    Dorkiness can be useful too!


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