Sunday, 15 May 2011

Back in the ring

I have spent so much of this year gaining clinical research experience and doing well in my courses that I feel like I've been sort of like a boxer in training for his next fight. I've used pm101 to do my research on different medical schools and have used it as a great resource. I'm glad to say that I'm ready to put my boxing gloves back on and step into the ring yet again. I'm getting so pumped up for the upcoming application cycle. I've gotten great words of wisdom from others telling me they believe that this is my year. I know that there are way more qualified applicants than there are seats. And that I may end getting rejected again since I am unsure if my GPA will be competitive enough. But, now is not the time to let my uncertainties get to me. I have my fighting spirit back and am glad to say I'm back in the ring, Bellboa style :)


  1. ty for sharing C.
    I love that you are a perseverant person, it is great that you can see the positive side of an unhappy situation and grow from it. You are a source of inspiration!

    cool blog btw :)

  2. Aw, thanks Boa. You raise an interesting point. I remember doing a 6 credit independent research project for ochem but I came to a halt because I was unable to finish the last step of my synthesis. But because of my "failure" I studied the synthesis relentlessly, and by the time we all had to do presentations I was an expert in terms of sulfur syntheses and answered all questions flawlessly. And, I got 6 credits of A+ and an amazing mentor from the process. Sometimes what we perceive as failure is not a failure at all. The key is learning from our mistakes and turning them into something great. And, the sooner we learn this, the better equipped we are to face life for what is really is :)

    All the best,


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