Monday, 25 April 2011

The Tale of the Unorthodox Genie (Part I)

One summer, Lynn decided to walk down a path by herself, without Drew. She tried her best to be prepared for the trip. Luckily, she was able to find her hiking attire in a treasure case that was easily accessible to her on the trail. At the end of the trail stood a genie. A very, very different genie. He was drinking something that seemed to make him laugh quite loud, he was not wearing a robe (he was wearing a tennis outfit instead), and was talking to himself about tennis, and why he couldn't wait to stop guarding the stupid gate.

Lynn thought the genie was marvellous. He was so different from all of the other ones. He looks like a lady's man. She thought to herself. I better be careful. She put her hair into a ponytail, put her shoulders back, and walked up to him with her head held high. He didn't seem to notice her. She was short, after all.

"Excuse me?" she said aloud. The genie stood unaffected (this doesn't surprise me, Lynn has a horribly soft mouse voice).

She tried again, a bit louder. "Hello?"

She stomped her feet.
 "Hey, you with the racket brain! I'm down here!"

The genie's smile disappeared. He tilted his head downward, unimpressed at the creature that stood beneath him.
"What are you?"

She was shocked. Hadn't he seen a girl before? "I'm a Homo sapiens!"

"Homo what?"

"Homo sapiens! The latin meaning means "wise man" or "knowing man." See that animal over there?"
She gestured towards an orangutan reading a copy of Dante's Divine Comedy. "That's an ape. We're related."

He started to laugh out loud. "You mean, you're related to that thing that likes to throw it's dung around?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed. Wait, what?

The genie was smiling mischeviously.
"I know what you are. And I know why you're here. You want me to open the gate for you."

The girl was relieved. He was just playing a joke on her. What a silly genie.
"Yes! Thank you."

He didn't budge. His grin got even bigger, and more like a Cheshire cat. Was he having fun messing with her head?
"I know what you are, and I know how much fun humans are."

Lynn started to become puzzled. She had never met a genie like this before. Most genies didn't want to talk to her. They would take her to another world right away and begin the testing. Why was this genie so different?

"How about this? I'll take you to the testing location since you are so stubborn about passing the gate. But there is one condition."

"What's that?"

"You see, I've been very bored here all day long, and I'm not getting any handsomer. I'm a big tennis fan."

She looked at his polo shirt, tennis shorts, and racket.
"Really? I hadn't noticed."

The genie's eyes light up, "Federer is my idol. I hope gets the grand slam this year. How about we play a match. If you lose, the gate stays closed and you can never try again. And if you win, as long as I don't change my mind, I'll take you to the testing location. Either way, the chances of you winning against me are nearly impossible. You've never even played before, have you?"

Lynn looked around helplessly.
The genie's smile was extraordinarily large.
"So, it's a deal then?"

The girl was confused, "Deal? What deal? What are you talking abouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- !!!!!!"

And with that, he lifted her up from the ground by her ankles and flew off to a place she had ventured before.

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