Friday, 22 April 2011


Many well meaning people will tell you that a genie is a mythical being with magical powers that only exist to make your dreams come true. That, just like in the movie, Aladdin, once you find a magical lamp all you need to do is rub the lamp and you will be granted not one, not two, but three wishes. Whatever your heart's desire. After your wish has been granted, your fate is determined by your wish. However, if a mistake has been made and you have made a poor decision, you must live (or die) through the consequences. There is no return.

In the dream world, our three protagonists Lynn, Drew, and Jasmine the kit-kat had forgotten what a genie was (though, it is hard to tell what Jasmine used to think of genies). As such, they did not realize the dangers that lay behind approaching a genie without caution. They were like two kids with the dream world at their disposal. Any harm that came to them could be easily warded off with a sword, a bow an arrow, a swipe to the nose by Jasmine! Nothing could stand in their way. Or so they thought.

In this world, genies were quite easy to identify. They wore long, elegant robes and curly toed shoes. They could be found atop aluminium gates that were three times as tall as Lynn, 3.5 times as tall as Drew, and the equivalent of six Jasmines. However, it was nearly impossible from first glance to know if you were standing in front of a good genie or a bad genie. They all seemed to have the same sort of omniscient demeanour.

Here, genies were gatekeepers that only granted one wish - the opening of the gates. Some genies controlled more than one gate (those type were rare). Others would be secretive and not tell you of the misfortunes that the path behind the gate would lead you to. Before granting a wish every genie required that you pay him a fee. Soon after payment, the genie would lift you up into the air from your ankles and take you to a world that looked like something out of a Dali gallery. There you would have to complete a series of tasks, and therein lies the true nature of the genie. Friendly genies held your hand. They would show you how to perform the tasks, ward you away from hidden traps. They seemed to truly want you to do well. Nasty genies would do the opposite. For them, your failure seemed like pure joy. You needed to have superpowers to pass through these difficult genies - something Drew seemed to do with ease, but poor Lynn struggled to access her powers.

It's quite apparent that you needed to chose well meaning genies to make passing through gates manageable, but sadly this was not always the case for dear Lynn, Drew, and Jasmine. Sometimes, they would pass with no trouble at all! Sometimes, Lynn would fall behind and Drew needed to save her from destruction. And at others, they both needed to help each other. But somehow, they seemed to manage. Day in, day out. After all, they had to. There was no going back.

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